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Every day I get 3 or so questions and most of them are answered by pointing at the correct reference. Buy the books first! Every collector I know uses book author and page to reference questions. Like Stubbs pg 256 for example. The "must have" selections are in bold. These are my top choices and only an opinion.  Others have different opinions

Pickelhaube books


Atlas des Deutschen Reichsheeres

Casques a Pointe Vol 1&2 Lacarde  
C.E. Junker's Catalog 1932  
Das Deutsche Reichsheer  
Das Reichsheer und Seine Traditions  
Deutsche Helme 1897-1914  
Deutsche Officerhelm aus der Kaiserzeit 1870-1918  
Die deutsche Infanterie  
Die deutsche Kavallerie  
Deutschlands Armee in feldrauer Kriegs und Frieden Uniform  
Deutschlands Heer und Flotte  
Die feldgraue Uniformierung des deutschen Heere -- 3 Volume Kraus  
Dress Uniforms of the Imperial German Cavalry -- 3 volumes  
The Emperor's Coat  
Formations und Uniformierungsgesichte -- Pietsche  
Führer durch Heer und Flotte  
The German Army in the First World War -- 1 volume Kraus  
German Artillery 1914-1918  
German Infantry 1914-1918  
Head Dress of the Imperial German Army 1880-1918 -- Saunders  
Helmets and Headress of the Imperial German Army 1870-1918  
Imperial Colours  
Imperial German Field Uniforms and Equipment Vol 1,2&3 1907-1918  
Imperial German Headgear- Turinetti & O'Connor  
Imperial German Officer's Helmets and Headress 1871-1918 -- Stubbs  
In the Service of the Kaiser  
Jäger und Schützen  
The Kaiser's Army in Color  
Konigreich Wurtemburg die Militärische Kopfbedeckungen 1869-1919  
L' Armee Allemande en 1914 -- Laine  
Le Repertoire de L' Armee Allemande  
Major Menzel's Dienstunterricht des Deutschen Heer  
Militäriche Kopfbedeckungen der Kaiserzeit  
The Pickelhaube -- 2 Volumes -- Bowman  
Spiked Helmets of Imperial Germany Volume 1  
Spiked Helmets of Imperial Germany Volume 2.  
Uniformen Der Alten Armee  
Uniformenkunde Das Deutsche Heer  
Uniforms and Equipment of the Imperial German Army -- 2 Volumes -- Woolley  
Uniforms of the German Soldier  
Uniforms of the Imperial German Army  
Wappen und Flaggen des Deutsches Reiches und Bunderstätten  
World War 1 German Army


The Advance from Mons  
All the Kaiser's Men  
Das Deutschen Heer in bunten und im grauen Rock  
Handbuch der Verbänder und Truppen des deutsches Heeres 1914-1918  
Fields of Memory  
The First World War  
First World War Germany and Austria-Hungary  
The German Army at Passchendaele  
The German Army on the Somme 1914 - 1916  
The German Army on Vimy Ridge 1914 - 1917  
The German Army at Cambrai  
The GreatWar Dawning  
The Guns of August  
For King and Kaiser  
The Pity of War  
Storm of Steel  
To Arms: Volume I Strachan  
Through German Eyes  
West Point Atlas for the Great War  



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