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Carl Henckel,Militär Kunst Verlag "Mars". Dresden, 1901 --- reproduced in 1984

Atlas des Deutsche Reichsheeres und der Kaiserlichen Marine einschliesslich Kaiserlicher Schutztruppen in Afrika. How is that for a title! I would call the diagrams in the Atlas unsurpassed. It is also close to impossible to find and very difficult to use. This work comes boxed. It is a huge box. Not very thick. However at least 1 1/2 foot tall. Inside of it or plates for each Corps. These plates are folded in half. So when you fold them out. They are humongous. Not very usable as a whole and as a result, several people have reproduced plates that are shorter or smaller. As a result detail is lost. I would almost call this a luxury. It really did you a feel however, of how important the Corps was. I will let the pictures speak for themselves. I recently saw one of the sold for $150. They seldom come available. Yes it has navy and Schutztruppen plates.



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