Colonel J's - Pickelhaube and Imperial German Musings
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World War One German Army

Stephan Bull , Brassey's History of Uniforms Series London 2000


"This is an essential book for everyone with an interest in the German Army and the First World War." False.  Light treatment and errors On page 73 there is even a picture of an Austro-Hungarian Uhlan helmet that is ascribed to Germany! Lots of nice pictures and a real update of the Nash book.  So a one volume 142 page one size fits all reference. Pictures are heavily Baden and Wurttemberg oriented. Added the section on reserves to the introduction. A very long paragraph but this one too misses that mark. Really nice paintings by Christa Hook.  About $20.  Is it worth it? Hardcover, nice binding, good looking. Lots of compiled data that comes out of Nachtrage und Berichtungungen Zum Deutchen Reichsheer.


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