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Das Deutsche Reichsheer

Krinkel, Lange, Verlag von Max Hochprufung. No date.

Seems to be a very good source book for early information. Quite useful for information prior to 1891. In German it is all there BUT it uses the old style script which is tough to read and organization is not its highlight.  All black and white.  Where else do you get a regiment by regiment view of all the uniform goodies?  Reserve Officers of the 92nd didn't have the Peninsular bandeau.  This is the 2000 reprint from Germany.  The color prints are not there. It includes The 1888 edition and the 1892 supplement. Long and large this one is definitely worth having. Its right here BUT you gotta slog to find it.  You really need to be aware of the dates on this.  Fantastic detail but up to 1888. This does not cover the 1891 model or later. I’m still slogging …

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