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Dress Uniforms of the German Imperial Cavalry

Fosten, D.S.V. Cuirassiers and Heavy Cavalry 1973 (English) / Hagger, D.H. Hussars and Mounted Rifles 1974 (English) / Marrion, R.J. Lancers and Dragoons 1975 (English)

I absolutely adored these three and recommended them whole heartedly. They have been superseded by a new source, The German Cavalry by Herr and Nguyen. You did not find this data elsewhere but had its fair share of errors. Tons of detail of each cavalry type unit.  Answers loads of questions.  In ENGLISH!!!!  Long out of print but still useful. These are definitely worth pursuing if you have any cavalry interest at all. Try searching eBay for the publisher or far better use the Abe books link.  These can be all over the cost range from $10-$60 each. They are not plentiful and tend to show up in bunches.


My advice is to purchase the new book The German Cavalry. This really should be three separate reviews. So I will expand this eventually. You do not need all three to make it work. Each book stand on its own.  Comes in hard and soft cover. 

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