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German Infantry 1914-1918

David Nash, Almark Publications, London 1971.

"A concise guide to uniforms, equipment, insignia, and organization." True. Old. 1971.  Light treatment and a REALLY BAD BINDING unless of course you get the hardback version.  The appendix on the back page has an incomplete rank comparison. As with other publications reserve formations are dealt with in one paragraph.  It is a pocket primer with a nice OB.


Don't break your neck getting this but worth having if you find one. Nice older publication and Nash writes well but repeated in many other texts. If you are an Imperial beginner this is not a bad start, but it is only a start. Relatively cheap but competition drives the price up.  Nice diagrams and pictures. Probably the best thing about this is that you will learn enough to branch out.  I like it better than the new Brassey book as you feel there are not the gaping errors lurking about.

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