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Head Dress of Imperial Germany 1880-1918

Sanders, Paul, Schiffer Military History,  Atglen PA, 2001 (English)


The ultimate coffee table book.  High class one picture per page.  If this is his collection I am humbled. Wow.  Worth the look.  Impressive for your coffee table. However, it is a collection.  Not every helmet is there.  I do not follow the author's organization but I am not worthy of the helmets.  The same format with text would do the trick. I do need to say I don't get the organization at all. There is much criticism of the publisher because of "coffee table books". This is one. You will gain no deep understanding of the whys but the pictures are top notch. Examples from the Saunders collection that I will never be able to amass.  He even has an 83rd helmet in there that I admire greatly.  Even he couldn't find an officer one! Mostly Officer helmets not a lot of OR and only one Fähnrich.

 This is not a detailed reference. If you think that the title will provide you with a comprehensive view of the Army you will be disappointed. Nice pictures–nicely produced–pretty expensive.

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