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Deutschlands Heer und Flotte

Sigel, Gustav A. (Compiler), Akron, OH The Werner Company 1900

OK This one needs a few words.  I guess I'll start doing old German Print books.  This one has seen the most reprints I have seen. Loads of different versions out there.  Not only can you get the information in many forms you seem to be able to pay random amounts. I have a first edition I paid $50 for.  Other first editions go for as much as $1600. Reprints from Germany about $50 and the US about $30.  There is a CD ROM of the original for about $25. The prints are superb and the printed info is in part great from the OB side. Great uniform detail by regiments in the prints.  Remember that the Franco-Prussian War was all the rage and the heroism of that conflict is applauded over and over.


The original is 181 pages with 41 Chromolithographic plates (30 Army & 11 Navy). It is HUGE 14" x 18" and weighs a ton. The prints are on their own page with a blank facing page and are covered with one of those glassine type sheets.  The print is in both German and English. A dual column deal with German on the left.

The reprints have text on the facing pages and the colors suffer a bit. I tried to show a comparison but I am a crummy photographer. The 1989 English reprint just focuses on the English writing leaving the dual column out and shortening the book to 136 pages.  It is also much smaller and manageable. About 13" x 9.5".

This is an actual reference of the time in English.  Cool.  Which one to get?  I like the CD Rom. Why? While not too easy to navigate the scans are top notch and it is the original. Working with the book is VERY difficult.  It is huge. Most folks pay between $200 and $350 for an original on eBay. There are several different types of the old edition.  Pretty cover and the original blue cover. Same on the inside.  No one likes the reprints.  I don't know why. Same data even though I do not think modern printing is as good as the original chromolithograph.

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