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Herwig, Holger, Oxford University Press NY 1997 (English)


This is THE history book on WW1 if you want to know about the German side. It won the Tomlinson prize in 1997. Written by a professor form Canada it is exhaustively noted. English speaking folks grew up with the English / American version of WW1. The highly vaunted Keegen book is just another anglophile rehash of events.  Herwig takes you into the social and economic side of the Central Powers.  You really learn how much of a drain Austria was on the war effort.  This book is something completely different.  You will learn from this historian a new perspective. 490 pages with extensive notes.  Flexicover. There are more reviews on the B&N site. 

I have lots of praise for the research and easy to read style. You really get a feel about how rudderless the ship was.  He really dislikes Ludendorf and always uses the oft repeated line of never having grown intellectually larger than an infantry colonel. What is that supposed to mean?  Some critics complain that Austria and Germany are not separate studies.  Original source material here.  Buy this book.

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