Colonel J's - Pickelhaube and Imperial German Musings
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Reprinted George Petersen, Springfield, VA. No date. No text.

This catalog has been long sought after by me. I found a reprint of the 1932 catalog. In it are hundreds of pictures of all sorts of imperial paraphernalia still available in 1932. There are tons and tons of helmets of all sorts. Even an 1842 type helmet, could be bought in 1932. Lots of firemen and police type wappens. Black-and-white pictures on very long piece of paper. Thin but every single wappen kind of thing you would want to find. The incredibly bad news is that there is zero text. Not a single caption, no legend, no way to take a look at an item in the catalog and read what it is. So you suffer immense frustration. This is incredibly difficult to find and is well worth looking at the different items in the catalog. The items about firefighters is referenced nowhere else. So it is relatively great to be able to show a questioner that a specific wappen is from a fire department. Some wappens with crowns removed are also in the catalog. Very nice reference work, but very frustrating.


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