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The Kaiser's Army in Color

Woolley, Charles, , Schiffer Military History,  Atglen PA,2000 (English)


Another Woolley book and another nice one.  This one got beat up because the claim is Woolley just copied a book of Carl Becker. Not true -- this is well attributed to Becker and consists of more than one work.  Woolley did yeoman's work excavating from the Brown Collection. The one photo per page format of Schiffers provides a sort of detailed look of the cigarette card variety.  There is also a double picture content from a second Becker source.  I love it.  Period prints and very fine. This is a background book of pictures.  It is what it is, beautiful work from Becker.

 This is not a detailed reference. If you think that the title will provide you with a comprehensive view of the Army you will be disappointed. Nice pictures–nicely produced–pretty expensive. 



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