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L'Armee Allemande En 1914

Laine Didier, Chromos Service, Paris 1984

THE older reference book on officer helmets. Was originally very hard to come by and regularly very expensive. (I've seen them sold well over $200 USD). Now reprints are much cheaper. It has it all but I thought perhaps the same material was available in other more readily found sources. I was wrong. Always good to double check different sources but this one really gets you going. Two thumbs up. It focuses on the details of the peace time Pickelhauben, epaulettes and uniforms of Imperial German Army officers in 1914. Every active regiment is illustrated separately by seniority. So if you want to look up the 15th Infantry it is there in order. Some nice color photos but most of the pages are in white, gold, and black. (You get used to it). Interesting but the lugs on the back of Hessian helmets were not detailed here. Does this mean that we are all fallible? Always thought it odd that a Frenchman was the best source in English for German Imperial Helmets.

Unfortunately the author has died, and this collection was auctioned off by Kube in March 2009.

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