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Johansson, Eric , H.S.M. Publications, Independence MO, 1982 (English)

Very nice old picture book that is well-known for its mistakes. I am constantly surprised how often I use these pictures and can refer other collectors to them because most have this book. These are mostly color pictures.  Helmets for comparison.  Again an early book so older collectors know of this.  As this was 1982 I think Bowman got some ideas from this book. This one is organized and readable but there is not much text.  There is a section on restoring and preserving helmets. Some hints listed here are considered horrible by modern collectors. The claim is that they actually damaged the helmets. Fähnrich and OYV are not even in the glossary.  So there is not a great explanation of these categories. There are some color shots of ersatz items explained in the Bowman book V2.  There are many, poorly described helmets, and even some fakes pictured as good examples. Interestingly, a number of these helmets ended up at auction in 2002. While well respected, he allegedly wrote some inaccuracies for a national auction house. Again allegedly wrote them to enhance values --  who knows? At least it shows to do your homework and beware.  Always tons to learn. So he is pitied by some.  Before my time.  Nice pictures. Most modern collectors say he gave the absolute worst advice in helmet preservation and some helmets show the effects today. Prices vary greatly but $100. Not overly difficult to locate.

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