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Uniformen Der Alten Armee

Cigarette Card books from Waldorf Astoria


Nice picture books. A cigarette card (like a flimsy baseball card) pasted into an album. Given as bonuses to a purchase of cigarettes.  (Who ever ate the bubble gum with baseball cards?) Nice to wonderful pictures. Shows uniforms per units as organized in Corps.  That is the way folks thought of units .... part of XI Corps for instance.  The organization with the uniforms is instructive. Nice pictures... hard to discern detail. What do you do with them except look?  Nice OB information I think these were done in the 1930s.  Now if you got one card per pack of cigarettes and there are 312 cards in the red book ... considering some doubles ... that is a LOT of cigarettes. Prices on these are all over the map.  I have seen single volumes go for $125 down to $20.  Make sure they are complete.  Lots of them out there so don't be in a rush.


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