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All the Kaiser's Men The life and death of the German Army on the Western Front 1914-1918

Passingham, Ian, /Sutton Publishing, Gloucestshire, England, 2003 (English)

A $40 book that is a wonderful beginner's book. The impact of blockade is not really addressed. Hardback and nice pictures and maps I do not see how this is to take the German side when it seems to build up the British Army. The book assumes all Germans eventually went to the West Front so that is the main object. This book though nice looking is a pass in my view. The Herwig book makes a far better tool and is cheaper. I also think that the "facts" of German service are not 100%. The author has condensed much maybe way too much. It is an easy read unless you know the subject which will make you groan. 286 pages. I could go on about how I think the author was tainted by enlisted service in the British Army but enough. No. Save your money. Buy Herwig for $15 less.





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