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Ulrich Herr, Jens Nguyen, Verlag Militaria , Austria , 2007 (English )

Publisher's Statement:


With its traditions and diversity the German cavalry represented the most colourful branch of service of the German Empire. To an extent never seen before, this 640-page, magnificently illustrated book shows the uniforms, equipment and armament of the entire German cavalry from the foundation of the Empire in 1871 to the eve of the First World War in 1914. Brilliant colour photographs give the reader a graphic and practically complete picture of the splendid headgear of cuirassiers, Saxon 'Schwere Reiter', dragoons, Bavarian cheveaulegers, hussars, uhlans and mounted Jäger. Numerous photographs of original specimens - from the Bayerisches Armeemuseum in Ingolstadt and supplemented by items from major collections - document the different branches of the service and the state contingents of the German Empire. The mode of wearing individual uniforms and items of equipment is illustrated by contemporary black and white photographs. Based on still extant sources such as clothing regulations or military decrees, the book endeavours to document modifications and alterations to different items of equipment over a period of 43 years. Not only the collector can learn a wealth of new aspects, the military historian can also gain a valuable overview due to the well structured and systematic arrangement of the book.

The best book on German cavalry. Nothing else comes close. The text is very informative and the pictures are unmatched. There are only two warnings. The book only goes to 1914. Therefore those who are interested in war time models will feel disappointed. The second thing is that this 3.44 kg monster is very expensive Shipping from Europe can be quite expensive. this is not nearly as expensive as the infantry volumes. In the case of this book I would save up to buy it and not buy others with the money.

There is a qualitative difference between the books published by Verlag Militaria and other publishers. Verlag Militaria books are so much higher quality. The books by Schiffers  are attractive but do not contain the quality in the narration, pictures, or research provided by Verlag Militaria.


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