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Deutschlands Armee in feldgrauer Kriegs-und Friedens-Uniform

Caseberg, Paul, PM Weber, Verlag, Berlin  1916

This is a mid-war tomb on the change to feldgrau from dunkelblau.  I liked the former but.... The pages still show pictures of Pickelhauben with brass plates for the OR types. Great detailed art by Caseberg. 23 Color "Full man" Uniform pages like #3 below, about half depict mounted officers, the rest give a detailed survey of shoulder insignia and 8 color Uniform pages like the last picture. Somehow that is translated into 32 color pages but I never could count. Long pages 12" or so. The black and white portion of the book does not have numbered pages but I got 36. Numerous halftone illustrations of buttons; fine line-drawn or engraved illustrations to the text. Appendices. Set in 2 columns in Gothic type (yuck).

So this is all the detail on the uniform there is not much in the way of helmet information. Artist renditions of covers and helmets with spikes removed.  Painted in the time frame of green numbers on the helmet covers.  Shows the lag time between the issuance of directives on uniforms and what happened in the field.  By the time this forward was penned, steel helmets had arrived. If I was interested in war time uniforms this would be invaluable.  For helmets, well you would say pretty but where is the beef? I have a modern reproduction (less than $100).

The color card insert is not included but rather is a printed color page. Not nearly as nice. The real thing goes for hundreds of dollars. (like ($400). Beautifully produced plates, not the least because not offset lithographed but printed from relief metal blocks. This is true of all new-old works I have seen. The original is hardcover mine is flexi. There is a brand-new reprint that only cost €29. I have not seen it in person.

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