Colonel J's - Pickelhaube and Imperial German Musings
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Christopher Duffy Phoenix Press (Paperback),2006 (English )


From the publisher: The 1916 Battle of the Somme is one of history’s bloodiest moments, with more than one million casualties in five months. Analyzing hitherto unknown archival material, including long-lost interviews of British POWs by German interrogators, historian Christopher Duffy paints a picture that will change your perception of the past. While the battle is often seen as a defeat for the British, for the first time the German perspective—such as their respect for the British forces and their own massive losses—is explored.

A wonderful read from a distinguished author. However, this is not a book about the German Army. This is a book about the British Army.

Mostly what the British learned from German prisoners. If you read the publisher's notes above, you will see that. However, I bought this book under the false assumption that it would be a companion work to Jack Sheldon's book. If you are looking for something on the German Army I would certainly recommend Sheldon over this. Not a matter of readability or fact just a matter of perspective.


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