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Deutsche Offizierhelme aus der Kaiserzeit 1870-1918

Hilsenbeck, Joachim, Steinach-Verlag, Reutlingen, Germany 2004 (German)

Simply outstanding for 212 pages! The same high quality as the Wurttemberg book by the same publisher. It is in German.  This offers DETAILED narrative of the Officer helmets with period photographs of that helmet in use. It is not ALL of the officer helmets and concentrates like Trawnick's book on foot regiments.

The helmets themselves are captured in stunning quality. Pages 16-75 are covering General's helmets only. Well not actually it also includes the flügeladjutant helmets in detail.  76-93 are the Prussian Gd. Regiments, 94-106 are Prussian Grenadier Regiments. 106-133 include Infantry regiments 13-96. Pg 134-142 is the Saxon Army. 143-147 the Grand Duchy of Baden. 149-156 Grand Duchy of Hesse. 157-165 Is the Kingdom of Wurttemberg. 166-170 is Bavaria. 171-187 is Jäger, Schützen and other Shako troops. 188-207 Pioneer and Verkehstruppen.

There is a very small section on Landwehr. This is not comprehensive but concentrates on foot regiments. So additional volumes are awaited on Artillery and cavalry.  Volume 2 has been published but I do not yet have it.

The coverage of flügelagutants is unique.  No one has this depth of picture.  Specific pictures exist of the flame thrower officers and the honorary pioneer company in 117th Hessian.  It is in incredible depth. A very minor gripe is the dust cover.  Nicely done but like too tight and falls off and bends constantly.

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