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In the Service of the Kaiser

Woolley, Charles, , Schiffer Military History,  Atglen PA,2004 (English)

Another Woolley book and I finally have to say no thanks to one.  There is nothing "wrong" with the book, and Woolley did yeoman's work excavating from the Brown Collection. The one photo per page format of Schiffers provides a sort of detailed look of the cigarette card variety.  The problem is I do not like the artist. (Ludwig Scharf) Now the introduction is almost worth the price alone. (Really a long paragraph.)  Nice clear cuts into the fantasy world of how life is judged to have been.  Especially in light of the "problem" helmets in the Stubbs book this one attempts to show reality at the front.  The artist has a unique and distinct style.  Sort of cartoon like and I do not care for it.  Clear and well explained yes, but not to my liking or use. Eastern front WW1.

OK Nice I guess but a hefty price tag and not much actual uniform use that comes out of it.  Some post WW1 stuff. Perhaps I am locked in the world described by Lauterguy but I like the pretty parade clear pictures.  $50 is a hefty price to pay.  This doesn't go to the author but is a publisher requirement based on printing.  I vote no on this one.

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