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Pietsch, Paul, Verlag Schultz, Hamburg, 1963, (German)


The two-volume work from Pietsch. These are almost legendary mythical books, written in 1963. The author was a tremendous authority and researcher with the first volume covering infantry, Jager, pioneer and their landwehr units. Volume 2 is the cavalry, artillery, train and landwehr. There are some color plates and a great deal of black-and-white line drawings. These volumes are absolutely packed with data and information concerning the army's. From 1808 to 1914. It does not extend into the war years. Written in German, I find it difficult to follow at times but all modern authors reference these works. His diagrams are often used inside more modern works. Pietsch knew his stuff but it has been refined since 1963. These volumes are now 46 years old. However, this is still the best and maybe only good reference on earlier helmets. As this extends from 1808! The big advantage that Pietsch had was that he was able to speak to many veterans. As a result, he takes for granted that readers know certain things that do not need to be explained. Now 40 years later, sometimes that is difficult. There is a lot of great data in these books. However, most all of it has been replaced by more modern works. I seldom refer to these two volumes and would prefer to consult the three-volume Kraus work for war time issues. These are exceptionally difficult to find and if you find them they will be quite expensive.


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