Colonel J's - Pickelhaube and Imperial German Musings
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De Quesada, Alejandro , Greenhill Books London 2006

This is a wonderfully printed book. The printing is clear glossy and a wonder. There are 192 pages with over 300 black-and-white and 30 color pictures. This won the "book of the year" award from Military Trader in 2008. Considering the quality of the book, the price of postcards nowadays, and the cost of other books for $23 you pay from Amazon is well worth it. There are many pictures each with a caption. They are generally divided into three sections: the first section is on the German Empire prior to the war; the second section is on German colonial and overseas troops; the third section is on uniforms during World War I. There are also several appendices containing black-and-white plates from the 1926 Ruhl work that had been reprinted, and also some pictures from Das Kleine Buch 1901, which has also been reprinted. The fourth appendix is on the Prussianization of the Western Hemisphere.

This is not a book for advanced collectors. There are many errors in the captions. Many of the photos are often repeated ones from other works. I thought the colonial information and the last appendix was fun. I thought appendix A,B&C with the black-and-white prints was mostly a waste-these are originally color plates and their value really falls without color. There are several interesting photographs but only a few. Novice collectors would find much more use for these photos as they are well packaged and inexpensive. However, I would caution all potential readers that the captions often contain errors. It is a nice compendium of photographs but only a few of value for advanced collectors.

 I do not think highly of the Military Trader book review process. It is shallow at best. I have written for that magazine but have had my book reviewed by someone who obviously–very obviously had not read it. Therefore, the judgments of the magazine are called into question. It does not reduce the readability of this book at all.

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