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Konigreich Wurtemberg Die Militarischen Kopfbedeckungen 1869-1919

Wannenwetsch & Hilsenbeck , Steinach-Verlag,Reutlingen 11 , 1993 (German)

Everything and anything you might be even remotely interested in concerning spiked helmets and other headgear from Wurttemberg.  It includes a presentation of the Police and Fire departments.  128 pages.  Wonderful full color and black and white photos.  Details directly linked to pictures and photographs of the time.  Clear proof that focusing one's collection pays fruits.  There is no more detailed account of headgear I have seen.  It is however only focused at Wurttemberg.

There is so much in here and so well organized.  History, Generals, Officer's Troops, Then incredible minutia!  War ministry, General Staff. Mountain troops, Beampten, Uniforms, A section on children's helmets and uniforms, Police, Fire, and watch.  Great index.  If there are errors I'm too tired to look (not that I would know but everything seems "in ordnung").  Shoulder boards, shakos, hats, pictures.  Everything Wurttemberg. Gives a wonderful standard for all to meet.  Wouldn't buy Wurttemberg anything without it. Goes for about $60-$150.  Seldom see it in the states. Check out the Abe Books link you might get lucky!

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