He was honorary Colonel in Chief of these regiments:


Garde du Corps 
Leib Garde Husaren Regiment.
Regiment Königsjäger zu Pferde Nr 1.
Leib Kür.Reg Grosser Kurfürst (Schlesisches) Nr 1 .
1.Leib Husaren Regiment Nr 1.
2.Leib Husaren Regiment Königin Viktoria von Preussen Nr 2.
 From 1909 Wilhelm's daughter Princess Viktoria Luise was deputy Colonel-in-Chief.
Königs Ulanen Regiment (1.Hannoverisches) Nr 13.
Kgl. Bayerisches 1. Ulanen Regiment Wilhelm II, Deutscher Kaiser und König von Preussen.

1.Garde Feld Artillerie Regiment .

1. Garde Regiment zu Fuss.
Grenadier Regiment König Friedrich Wilhelm IV (1. Pommersches) Nr 2 .
Leib-GR König Friedrich Wilhelm III (1. Brandenburgisches) Nr 8 .
GR König Friedrich Wilhelm I (2. Ostpreuss.) Nr 3.
Königs Infanterie Regiment (6. Lothringisches) Nr 145 .
IR Kaiser Wilhelm (2. Grossherz. Hessisches) Nr 116 .
IR Kaiser Wilhelm, König von Preussen (2. Württembergisches) Nr 120 .
Kgl. Bayerisches 6. IR Wilhelm, Deutscher Kaiser und König von Preussen .

The British 1st Royal Dragoons 1894-1914
The Austro-Hungarian Husaren Regiment Wilhelm II, Deutscher Kaiser und König von Preussen Nr 7
The Austro-Hungarian Infanterie Regiment Wilhelm I, Deutscher Kaiser und König von Preussen Nr 34.
NB the name was carried permanently to honor Wilhelm's Grand Father, who died in 1888.
The Russian Saint Petersburg Lifeguards Regiment The German Emperor Friedrich III's Regiment until 1914.
The Russian 3rd Pernov Grenadier Regiment King Friedrich Wilhelm IV's Regiment until 1914.
The Russian 85th Vyborg Infantry Regiment The German Emperor Wilhelm II’s Regiment until August 1 1914.
The Russian 13th Narva Hussar Regiment The Emperor of Germany and King of Prussia Wilhelm II's Regiment until August 1 1914.
The Portuguese 4th Cavalry Regiment.


The Kaiser.  I intend to do a picture gallery of this guy. Born with a disability his mother blamed herself for his withered left arm was 3 inches shorter than his right.  Hand on the sword was the classic, hide the problem, pose. 

Many Many children. Six Boys one Girl. Based on the number of children his wife was derisively referred to as a cow. 

Honorary Colonel of:
Grenadier-Regiment Kronprinz (1.Ostpreussisches) Nr 1.
2. Schlesisches Jäger Batallion Nr 6.

The British 11th (Prince Albert's Own) Hussars from 1911 to 1914.
The Russian 14th Malorossia Dragoon Regiment The German and Prussian Crown Prince's Regiment until august 1 1914.
The Austro-Hungarian Husaren Regiment Wilhelm, Kronprinz des Deutschen Reiches und Kronprinz von Preussen Nr 13 (Jazygier und Kumanier Husaren Regiment).

Wilhelm II's oldest son was born in Potsdam in 1882. In (1888) he  became youngest corporal in the Prussian Army. At age 10, Prince Wilhelm received the rank of Lt. of the 1st  Infantry Regiment, in accordance with tradition.  When W  was 14, another important stage of his life began. Together with his younger brother EF he was sent to the military Academy at Ploen where he would spend 4 yrs.. It was the rule in the Hohenzollern family, that every Prince had to learn a trade. Wilhelm decided to become a lathe operator (a drechsler). 3 days later he began his officer training in Potsdam. As he was 18 & of age,  he began active service with his regiment in 1900. He seems to have had a over-blown sense of his own importance & abilities. He was commissioned in the 1st Foot Guards in 1900 and commanded the Death's Head Hussars in 1910. The rumor mill was not kind to him where there were claims of his Opium smoking and womanizing. On a trip to England he behaved so badly that his father was furious. He had given a confirmation ring given him by Queen Victoria to a female liaison. He was pro-war before hostilities and a favorite of the Pan-Germans.  He was quoted prior to the war as saying, "...only by relying on the sword can we gain the place in the sun that is our due, but that is not voluntarily accorded us." He commanded the Fifth Army (1914-15) at the age of 32, and Army Group Deutsches KronPrince (1915-18 ) at 33. In 1914 he was tasked with holding the French along the Ardennes front. He is best known militarily for being in charge of the Verdun Offensive(1916).  Awarded a much-coveted Pour le Merite in 1915. While his marriage to Cecille of Mecklenburg Schwerin,was an excellent dynastic match, the marriage unfortunately did not prove to be a happy one. Even before the marriage, Cecilie, expressed displeasure with the time the prince spent with his regimental friends. Problems developed on the honeymoon, when the CP reportedly lonely for his bachelor drinking pals made clear that Cecile was not to interfere with those friends. The couple were, however, blessed with 6 children. One daughter, Alexandrine, appears to have suffered from Down Syndrome. His wife, Cecile was once described as the only man in the Hohenzollern household. After the armistice, joined his father in exile in the Netherlands. Later returned to Germany and joined the SA and Nazi Party with two of his sons, Prince Wilhelm and Prince Hubertus. The oldest son, Prince Wilhelm, the heir to the Hohenzollern crown, renounced his claim when he married a commoner. Young Prince Wilhelm died of wounds in France, May 1940,while serving as a Lieutenant.


Princess Eithel Friedrich,nee Duchess Sophie Charlotte of Oldenburg (1879-1964),eldest daughter of Duke Friedich August and Princess Elisabeth of Prussia. "Lotta" married Eithel Friedrich in 1906 and was divorced in 1926.The married couple had no children (it was rumored that EF was a homosexual).It seems Sophie Charlotte wanted to marry and leave her parental home because of endless conflicts with her step-mother. After her divorce from Eitel Friedrich she married Harold von Heddemann a former captain in the Dragoons and a lieutenant in the Potsdam police

Child #2: Kaiser Wilhelm II's second child. He commanded the 1st Foot Guards, the premier Regiment of the German army at the start of the war. A story is told of his bravery during the Battle of Guise in 1914. He allegedly grabbed a drum and rallied his wavering regiment into the attack. He then commanded the 1st Guards Infantry Brigade as a Colonel (1914-15) when he was awarded the Pour le Merite, in 1915. From 1916 through most of 1918, he commanded 1st Guards Infantry Division until October 1918 when ostensibly his health failed. He was constantly surrounded by rumors of homosexuality. He was extremely anti-Nazi even though he also belonged to the Stalhelm Veterans organization.

Princess Adalbert,nee Prss Adelheid of Saxe-Meiningen (1891-1971),one of the daughters of Prince Friedrich of Saxe-Meiningen and Prss Adelheid of Lippe-Besterfield. .”Adi” married to Adalbert in 1914,she had some mental problems and her looks (she is part of the porphyria group) confirmed her instability in some way.The married couple had 3 children -2 of them survived.

Child #3, he was a Captain in the Imperial German Navy in 1914. He served in staff and battleship duties. Started war as junior officer aboard battleship SMS Luitpold, became captain of cruiser SMS Danzig, ended war with torpedo boat flotilla in Flanders.
Known as being Anti-Nazi he had a falling out with his father and moved to Switzerland between wars.

Princess August Wilhelm,nee Prss Alexandra Victoria of Schleswig-Holstein-Gluksburg (1887-1957), 2d daughter of Duke Friedrich Ferdinand and Prss Caroline Mathilde of Schleswig-Holstein-Augustenburg. So Alexandra Victoria was a first-cousin of her spouse as her mother was a sister of Empress Augusta Viktoria. Alexandra and Auwi married in 1908,divorced in 1920,they had only one son. She married again. Ended life penniless living in a trailer and moving from free parking lot to free parking lot. She also sold paintings.

Child #4. Started war as staff officer, no distinguished career, reverted to civilian occupation 1915!!!! Ended the war as a Landrat. A fervent Nazi (SA-Obergruppenführer) and supporter of Hitler, something happened, they fell out, he stayed under house arrest for most of the war.  Was a politician though in Nazi Germany and was sentenced to 30 months imprisonment at hard labor by a Ludwigsburg denazification tribunal and confiscation of 40% of his property. Died in 1949.   His marriage to Alexandra Victoria (AV) of Schleswig-Holstein (a relative of his mother's) was not successful and ended in divorce after one son, Alexander Ferdinand. AV family all had Nazi-connections. One sister, Helena, married to a Danish prince was actually banished from Denmark for years by Christian X over it. Another sister, Victoria Adelheid married Charles Edward, Duke of Coburg, a fervent Nazi supporter who was arrested & tried after WW2.


Princess Oskar (at first Grafin von Ruppin),nee Countess Ina von Bassewitz (1888-1973).She was the only "non-royal" daughter-in-law of Kaiser and they said that Wilhelm liked her most of all his daughters-in-laws. Ina and Oskar married in 1914 and had a very happy family life .They had 4 children.

Child #5. Prince Oskar morganatically married Countess Ina-Marie von Bassewitz (1888-1973) She was created Countess of Ruppin. She was the daughter of Count Karl von Bassewitz-Levetzow and Countess Margarete von der Schulenburg. They were married in both religious and civil ceremonies on July 31, 1914 at Schloss Bellevue, near Berlin. This was a fateful year for German royalty and the wedding took place just days before World War I began. Oskar commanded the Liegnitz King's grenadiers GrenRgt 7. The Kaiser had hoped to place Oskar on the Finnish throne. In the aftermath of Revolution in Russia, Finland declared its independence. The Finns voted for a monarchy, but chose Friederich Karl of Hesse but nothing ever came of it. Later on, he joined a far-right veterans group the Stanlhelm. Like many Hohenzollerns, he felt that the rise of right wing parties like the NAZIs would lead to the reinstatement of the monarchy. His eldest son (of 4 children) would be killed in WW2.

Princess Joachim,nee Prss Marie Auguste of Anhalt (1898-1983),daughter of Prince Eduard of Anhalt and Prss Louise of Saxe-Altenburg.She married in 1916.The married life was not a happy one,the couple had 1 son.Prince Joachim committed suicude in 1920. Marie Auguste von Anhalt remarried in 1926 to Johannes Michael, Freiherr von Loen (1902 - ??) Divorce in 1935. This is the woman who did the adult adoptions leading to the Zsa Zsa Gabor connection.

Child #6.  The youngest, Joachim,born on 17 Dec 1890 in Berlin. He died on 18 Jul 1920 in Potsdam. He was also the subject of homosexual rumors. He was married unhappily to Princess Marie of Anhalt. They had one child, Karl Franz Joseph who would marry his step-grandmother's daughter. He was apparently not as strong as the other boys and his mother worried about him. Joachim appears to have been an impatient boy. He served in WWI as a calvary officer. He was wounded in the battle in the Masurian Lake District of East Prussia. He married Marie of Anhalt in 1916. After the Armistace in 1918, Joachim visited his father at Doorn. It was not a happy reunion. The former Kaiser was unhappy with his sons' behavior, including Joachim's gambling. Joachim eventually returned to Germany. He found it difficult adjusting to his reduced circumstances. His wife left him. He shot himself in 1920 at a hunting lodge near Potsdam.  Considered his mother's favorite, it was thought this hastened her demise. Marie of Anhalt later adopted as a "son" who calls himself Prince of Anhalt and who is married to Zsa-Zsa Gabor.

The deposed King of Hannover passed his hatred of the Prussian/Hohenzollerns on to his son and other children. As the eldest son, George Wilhelm was returning from the funeral of his uncle, King Frederick of Denmark, he was involved in a fatal car accident.  The Kaiser sent an honor guard to accompany the young prince's body. This led to Ernst, Duke of Cumberland (and de-facto King of Hannover) to send his only surviving son, Ernst August (EA) to repay the courtesy. Upon his arrival, he and the young Princess began a romance The couple were allowed to marry and the Kaiser granted EA the title of Duke of Brunswick and returned some of the confiscated land.

Child #7. Vicky,  The total cause of my collection. It is all her fault. I was minding my own business when we discovered a junk yard near Hamlen that I am sure held parts of her estate.  After giving much of it away .... here I am.


Colonel of 2nd Lieb Hussars. 




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