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OK this and the next are the only two photographs of von Moltke I have seen.  Lots of prints and CDVs but larger photos .... this is it.  Now as soon as I say this I will be flooded by folks showing me theirs. 

Didn't happen still the only 2!

Photo with an original signature on a card.  That was how signatures were collected back then.

Cool black and white / sepia tones English print "Germans to the Front". Boxer rebellion in a German Chinese frame.  Oriental carving. 

Janet calls this a life magazine cover. Glossy druck of Kaiser son and brother with wives. Original frame.  Frames of that period sucked.  Acid free did not exist and they had no style. 

Young Kaiser and family in original frame. After only one child.  6 Boys, one girl. Large family. 

One of many photo wall hangings of Franz-Joseph

Fredrick the Grand Duke of Baden and his wife.  Full color and large in original frame with some original mildew. A contemporary of Wilhelm in age. Doesn't seem like they were close. 

Very large litho of Kaiser and son.  What makes this different is the use of the Kaiser's left hand.  Withered at birth, this litho shows it in full use. Very unusual. The entire arm thing was controversial. His mother, Vicky, blamed herself for a fall during pregnancy.  The doctor was blamed for botching a breach birth and injuring the shoulder.  Folks were vituperative and it was always someone else's fault.  This propaganda litho showed the arm in full use while he could not raise it more than a few inches. 

I have seen 4 of these (not to the same guy).  Lots of foxing.  Made out to Wilhelm von Marenbach my old war buddy etc.... Then it is signed.  Appears to have been signed by char. General der Artillerie a.D. Rudolf v. Horn. It is dated 2 days after Hindenburg died!

Dedicated in recognition and gratitude for long lasting membership in the veterans league.
Berlin, the date
The board of directors of the prussian provincial veterans league.
General of the artillery, retired, president.

Outstanding picture of August Victoria and her daughter in law Cecile, wife of Crown Prince Wilhelm,, with a signed and dated inscription from the mother which states "While in the struggle of men to the freedom of the home flock herewith is the woman's noblest bearing
Faith, mercy, purity. Auguste Victoria IR 1915 ."  While the Kaiser's second wife was a writer Dona, his first wife I understand seldom wrote anything. Found in a junk yard near the daughter's old home.

Signed and dated presentation photo of Kaiser Wilhelm II. Crown on top of the frame a little damaged.

Signed photo/litho of Cecile the Crown Princess. I hope to do some research into the obviously unhappy marriage between her and the crown prince. 

Huge litho of the steamer Kaiser Wilhelm II dated 1903. Original frame repaired a bit. This is probably unique. Pictures like this were used to sell rooms on the ship by travel agents.  When the ship sailed, the picture was torn down and replaced by another ship. This ship was confiscated by the US during WW1, renamed and made into a troop ship. The hat Talley was a gift to the ladies at the gala dinner.

Oil painting on wood of a young WilhelmII in Gd. du Corps uniform. Unsigned / undated.  Two experts have examined. One is absolutely certain it is original the other is not sure.  Frame is newer.

Simply outstanding sepia toned poster of Frederick in Gd du Corps uniform.  His famous saying is on the bottom which has great significance to us handicapped types ...."Learn to suffer without complaining." New frame.

The treatment of this crown prince's throat malady is one of the more vituperative pre-war dramas I have read. The camp of German doctors that wanted early risky surgery and the British expert, supported by Vicky, who opposed it until it was too late. Death came slowly to an emperor who could not speak.

Oil druck Freidrich III I recently lost a bid off for a signed picture of this guy. The Kaiser's father, was thought to be the cuckold of Vicky his English born wife. This was the second German Kaiser of the Second Reich and he only ruled for 99 days before dying of throat cancer. 

Never seen one like this. Condition is perfect and another 137 piece. The geezer on the front is the colonel of the regiment in 1906.

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