Colonel J's - Pickelhaube and Imperial German Musings
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Maybe the most sought after helmet today. There are many assumptions that do not hold firm on Landwehr helmets. The first and easiest to recognize is the lack of a Peninsular bandeaux. These were not on the landwehr pickelhaubes. The landwehr cross was the "Fürst" variety.

Cockade color is interesting.  Two issues are the color of blue and the color of ring. Blues go from very dark to very light. There doesn't seem to be anything conclusive in these differences just 100 years of dirt etc. The rings have been found in both gold and silver.  Yellow is correct but it might well be that the silver ones didn't hold the yellow color. 

This specific helmet had a very different history.  At one time the wappen was bolted normally into place and then glued on. You can see residue of the glue on the back of the plate. When the plate was removed some leather fabric pulled away.  It was subsequently re-blackened by an earlier owner. 

There are many variation of workmanship of the horses.  The green color on top of the leaves varies from enamel to paint.  Often the paint is in poor shape. Look at the following collage. 

You probably noticed the 2 different type pins holding on the star, Hooks on bottom are for landwehr cross.

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