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A great study of a helmet this one has so many interesting features that it survives in the collection when so many OR helmets do not. A 94th Regiment Senior NCO???  Really no way of telling but it has the most interesting wappen. The spike base has the old style pearl ring and a non-vented spine.

The corpus is thick, heavy and older. The 1867 type straight screw is used to hold the chinscales in place. It has the pre 1897 Saxe-Weimar landes cockade but the post 1897 Reich's cockade. It is clearly marked to Regiment 94 and has three red slashes that I think are garniture marks. Other stampings are illegible.

The wappen is private purchase and has a voided crown with a Fürst Bandeau. It is mounted using bolts and nuts. The state crest is not voided and is attached with two threaded bolts.  The outside of the wappen has a horrible blemish in the metal of both wings. I can only guess but the mounting posts were probably removed to fit the grommets of the body.  When the mounting bolts were removed plate and all came off. Major period efforts were made to repair the damage. A gilt/brass plate was placed under the outer hole and posts soldered.  A small crack in the scepter was repaired soldering a "paper clip" type bar across the break.  I have seen this kind of repair before.



Interesting set of details.  I welcome your comments.

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