Colonel J's - Pickelhaube and Imperial German Musings
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A helmet from the 1. Badisches Lieb Grenadier Regiment.  Number 109.  Founded in 1803 these guys were stationed in Karlsruhe.  They were part of the XIV Army Corps.  This was the premier regiment of the army from Baden. All of the furniture on the helmet is made of german silver or new silver with the exception of the chin scales. You'll notice that the M 91 mount is also silvered The Griffin of Baden, which comes in two piece construction has an extremely wide wingspan.  This wide wingspan is sometimes called the 109 wingspan or a 109 Griffin.  The spike unscrews as it would be normal to put a white trichter on it. The rear spine is not vented. There is no maker's Mark on the inside that I can read however, many of these helmets were made by Julius Jensen for the XIV Corps. There is an owners label stuck to the inside, which says this helmet belonged to a drummer.

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