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This is a nice standard Baden reserve officer that is a Diensthelme. This requires some explanation. It is a private purchase helmet that was originally used for a one year volunteer. The helmet was low quality, and much cheaper for everyday use. When the owner of this helmet was on active duty. He wore the wappen without the landwehr cross and maybe dome studs instead of the stars. The underside of visors were not colored in officer style. After taking the tests and training to become a reserve officer the landwehr cross was added and a helmet made to be officer like in all details except underneath the visors.

Below you can see the uncolored visors and the extra holes from removing the helmet plate. Double holes are always attributed to wappen changes and lead to questions. The bandeau on this active wappen is consistent with the addition of a landwehr cross upon becoming a reserve officer. The cross is added to a middle position. Most reserve wappen with out a bandeau are added in the upper position with holes drilled into the chest. Often you see the addition of the landwehr cross to a wappen with a bandeau in the lower position to allow the prongs on the back of the landwehr crosses to be added to the wappen. You can see where the spike was stopped from turning by it being soldered to the throat. This simply ensures that the helmet was for a Baden Regiment other than the 109th or 110th.

There is an Uberzug with this helmet. The cover itself is a nice shape, and if you look on the inside, it is reversible, and has a maneuver band.

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