Colonel J's - Pickelhaube and Imperial German Musings
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A Bavarian Reserve Artillery Officer with parade plume. Besides musicians these were the only units to wear red busches.  This trichter is a good reproduction.  I am told the hair is old but I am extremely skeptical and it is a straight enlisted plume. Note that the spike for this artillery helmet and the trichter are fluted. You might think that the shell of this helmet is rough in fact the silk liner top has come loose from the inside.  You would be right but I got this for so cheap that I will overlook it.  

Good wappen with pierced crowns and gilding. German silver landwehr cross. Here is the interesting thing the diamonds of Bavaria in the center of the Landwehr cross are going the wrong direction. Normally the diamonds go from upper left to bottom right. This is the second one I have seen like this. I do not know the significance.

Large Bavarian Officer's cockade and cruciform spike base with a short front leg. All Bavarian chin scales at this time were convex. These chin scales, clearly look stretched to slip underneath the wearers chin. There is an incorrect Prussian officer's cockade on the right side.

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