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This helmet is a sad story that I keep as a reminder of getting taken by a dealer in my early days of collecting.  I was in a huge hurry to get helmets and I so wanted one with a plume.  Well I got one. Problems with this helmet have haunted me for years and I refuse to "trick" someone else into buying something not right. There is no gilt on the front of the plate any more, the plume has a list and the original color was wrong.


1871 type corpus with a private purchase square tipped liner. The metal on the helmet is all silver except the chin scales and rosettes. The chinscales are convex, the spike base is cruciform, the corners of the front visor are angled. There are the two OR type "dragoon lugs" on the back spine. 

The spike base is sort of bent or angled slightly. The trichter is tube like and has an original horse hair plume and OR cockades. The metal has been seriously over polished with an abrasive cleaner that can still be detected. The plume is original and now in the corect color. The square tipped leather liner is indicative of private purchase helmets before the cloth liners came in.


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