Colonel J's - Pickelhaube and Imperial German Musings
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A Prussian Engineer Officer with some war time metals. The chin scales, visor trim, spike, spike neck and rear spine are dull non magnetic metal. The pearl ring is a bright brass color and the spike base is a very shiny magnetic steel. It appear as though the yellow color has left the metal of the chin scales and stars.  You can see feint traces of yellow on the stars. I have no idea why the pearl ring is this color but it certainly looks attractive!

This wappen is by far the thinnest wappen I have ever seen.  It is one half to one third as thick as a normal wappen.  I might dare to call it wafer thin.  This wappen has a small crack near the left leg you can see due to the thinness. In addition it is connected to the helmet by split prongs not threaded posts. The silver gilding is very obvious and in good shape.  Due o the prongs the wappen has not been off the helmet.

You can see the split prongs inside the liner. In addition three of the four star studs are connected using split prongs. 

The rosettes holding the cockades are silvered. 

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