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This is another unusual and rare bird. Garde Landwehr identification is no problem but the infantry regiments are ruled out by silver rosettes .That leaves Eisenbahn, Kraftfahrer and Pioneer in the active force. The only organization that existed in the Landwehr was Garde-Landwehr-Pioniere Battalion. There is a picture of this exact but rare helmet in the Hilsenbeck reference pg. 210.  As an interesting aside the Garde Landwehr did not deploy. It was deemed too difficult to gather folks from throughout the empire.

A word of caution about enlisted helmets.  Often you will be advised that these are Landwehr helmets.  While that could be true it is more likely to be a reserve helmet.   Similar to line Prussian helmets there was no specific reserve helmet for the Guard Corps.  Therefore, it seems as though the eagle wappen shown above was used in its enlisted form for both reserve units and Landwehr units.  This creates even more confusion because guard units of the Landwehr never deployed.  As some collectors know the reserve regiments were supplied directly by the active regiment that supported them.  Landwehr units came from the Bezirkskomando.  The active regiment was supposed to provide a certain number of helmets for the reserve unit.  I do not yet know how many.  Nor do I know if it was actually done.  It seems as in some cases, it was.  For the guard regiments there seems to be strong evidence that the Guard Field Artillery and 1GRzF certainly kept stockpiles for reserve units in the form of enlisted helmets with Guard Landwehr wappen.  Helmets with Landwehr wappen are known to have had both active and reserve Kammer marks at the same time (left below).  Therefore the key item for absolute identification will be a mark for a second unit.  Were these used for Übungen prior to the war?  Yes! The group below with the Landwehr wappen is a reserve group, dated October 1911.  We do know that the only known Guard Landsturm picture with a helmet (center bottom) does not contain such a wappen.  Therefore the stockpile of the Bezirkskomando was limited.


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