Colonel J's - Pickelhaube and Imperial German Musings
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Hessian helmets for some reason have captured everyone's imagination.  These helmets generally command much higher prices than their rarity would indicate.  Good examples like this one are hard to come by.  There also somewhat different than the standard pickelhaube.  Hessian helmets had a cruciform Spike base.  That had four equal distant legs.  Normally, they had a shorter front leg.  Hessian infantry officer helmets do not use stars to hold the cruciform spike base on to the helmet.  In addition Hessian infantry officer helmets, did not have a pearl ring. The Spike itself was fluted.

The rear spine of a Hessian infantry officers helmet had two lugs on it.  Similar to what is called dragoon lugs.  For some reason, these details escape many of the reference books. the landwehr crosses on a Hessian helmet is unique to Hesse.

Hessian plates are often mounted north-south or diagonal.  Most helmet plates have the mounting hardware located, from left to right or what I call East West.

Hessian cockades were non-serrated.

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