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A standard Prussian Reserve Officer with the correct FR wappen and landwehr cross. However there is a mixture of pre war type gilding and mid war cheaper metals. 

The Wappen is very detailed and fire gilded,  the landwehr cross exceptionally detailed. The chin scales are a non magnetic dull metal reminiscent of zinc.  Perhaps at one time this was gilded and the gilding fell away.  Further investigation will find the front visor and rear spine are made of the same non magnetic dull gray metal.  The rosettes are gilt in color.

The most interesting part of the helmet is the highly polished magnetic steel spike neck and base. The pearl ring and stars are gilt in color. The spike itself does not unscrew and is gilt in color. I repeat however that the base and neck are magnetic highly polished steel. The liner is well worn but in place of the leather sweatband there is some sort of oil cloth instead of leather.


What is the conclusion?  A parts challenged officer's helmet.  The steel parts are most interesting. 


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