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Very nice untouched and uncleaned example that is identified to a specific individual from LJR 153. Absolutely correct all officer helmet from a Landwehr regiment. It actually came out of Florida inside of a footlocker that had been brought back after the war by an American member of an ambulance company. The box is clearly identified by both the American sender and the original owner Offizierstellvertreter Reinisch. Reinisch survived the war and is listed in the Ehrenrankliste.

You can see the difference in the wappen below between Saxe Altenburg and Saxe-Weimar-Eisenach. The differences in the type of leaves. They both have the same kind on the left as you are looking at it but the Saxe Altenburg has the same kind all the way around. The Saxe-Weimar-Eisenach example comes from Bruno's collection and is on the right.

This is the top of the foot locker that the helmet came in. There were various other WW1 items in the box both German and American. This is really where it gets interesting to me. The helmet is clearly from Saxe Altenburg. If the unit involved was JR 153 it would all fit in a neat little compartment. However, LJR 153 was not the Landwehr unit associated with JR 153. LJR 36 was associated closely with JR 153. LJR153 was not even formed until May 1917 and was drawn from Prussian Saxony in the IV Army Corps area. The unit was assigned to the 255th Infantry Division and its commander was detailed from JR 136. Clearly you can see this individual's home address was in Breslau. Breslau II was actually a Landwehrbezirke located near the train station in Breslau administered under VI Corps. If you are following the bouncing ball there was this Offizierstellvertreter living in Silesia who was assigned by his local Landwehrbezirke in VI corps to a brand-new Landwehr Regiment LJR 153 from IV corps. The Offizierstellvertreter was somehow associated with JR 153 or some other unit originating in Saxe Altenburg of XI Corps. Perhaps he was a one-year volunteer there. Why does an Offizierstellvertreter have an officers helmet? I don't know. Promoted to lieutenant on demobilization from where he got the helmet? Did the Offizierstellvertreter wear an officer's helmet in some regiments? Were the box and the helmet joined together at a later date?? -- I really doubt that but it is possible.

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