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Saxon Officer helmet of the highest quality. This is a top of the line Awes-Marke helmet as can be seen from the various niceties in the helmet construction. The liner has the Awes-Marke logo etched in the leather sweat band and the band has a high quality fabric tightening band.  The top of the liner has the Awes-Mark gold label that says premium quality.  The leather is soft and light.  It seems to be from Grenadier Regiment 101. That would not be a big question, except the center part of the wappen. Is it silver with a heavy patina? Is it yellow? I think it is silver, but...

Cockades are the one piece non-serrated type.

If yellow, the wappen on this helmet is gilt on gilt. Most of us are used to Silver on gilt but I have now seen 7 helmets with this configuration including the one in the Saunders book. This helmet picture comes from the 1902 Ruhl. Why no cross??? I even think this picture is a misprint.

Why no cross???


The helmet is topped with a black yak hair parade plume which only would have matched Grenadier Regiment, 101.

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