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This is an amazing helmet that I believe is the only of its kind still remaining. It is an ersatz officers helmet. The body is made of black Filz, the visors are made of Vulcan fiber. It is a pioneer officer with chin scales and fake rosettes. There are M 91 posts to attach the chin scales to but the spike does not twist off with a bayonet base. The landwehr crosses on the wappen is the nonstandard small size. There is evidence of giilt seen on the stars of the spike base. Both the M 91 posts and the spike base where it unscrews are very bright.

One interesting point about the cockades. There are M 91 posts but as you see the cockades have small holes.

The visors are made of fiber. There is some damage to the left rear visor which exposes the inside and allows us to look at the cardboard to like fiber on the inside.

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